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Raw talent

Ever heard of Two and a half men? Could be PHYREX. Since Berend's social awkwardness and underdeveloped social skills take more than just a single person to make up for it. That's why Jasper works at a 200% rate to make sure the musical talent in Berend won't go to waste. Starting out with just a random Soundcloud track has evolved into hitting over 600.000 plays on a single track on Spotify and being on Redman's guest list. As of now, we focus on our own tracks while Berend tries to improve his attention span while staying clean from sniffing glue.


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    Overall capacity

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We're not friends. We're not family. Hell, we don't even like one another. The mere sight of Berend makes Jasper suicidal. But our strategy keeps proving itself over and over, so we're just going with the flow. Basically, just consider us a 19-year old and a 23-year old with no sign of mutual respect or appreciation. With Berend (19) the glue-sniffing pianist, and Jasper (23), the rambling madman with an existential crisis ... Nothing is standing in their way to succes.
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EDM producer, piano player, victim of experimental drugs
I have no clue what life is about. Sometimes I don’t even know I’m awake. Maybe I shouldn’t sniff glue.
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General management, chieftain, epic lover
I’m the one who rescued Berend from his World of Warcraft-lifestyle. On an unrelated note: taking several types of happy pills to keep me from going batshit crazy while working with Berend.

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